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Here for you. We’re based in the UK but work worldwide and support our clients wherever they need our help; across the UK, India to the USA, Dubai to Singapore and throughout Europe.

Our Method

A proven approach

Our six-stage process delivers exceptional workplaces that enhance your operational efficiency, whilst respecting timescale and budget.


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Understanding your business is the key to a successful project.

How do you work? What’s your culture? What are your objectives, challenges and opportunities? Our business-orientated focus at this early stage helps us understand what you want to achieve and why it matters for your business. We use this knowledge to develop designs and solutions. We then test these ideas to ensure they support your aims and objectives. In short, we develop your workplace strategy.


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Establishing a clear brief at the outset of a project is an essential part of defining your overall objectives, scope and deliverables.

We work closely with stakeholders to identify an agreed set of goals, including cost and timeframe. We also establish a common vocabulary and set up effective communication channels. During this phase, all aspects of the project are identified according to “Quality, Cost & Time”, to define the detailed project scope.


  • 3/6

With a clear understanding of what the project needs to deliver, we develop design concepts to create a workplace that will support your strategic & operational objectives.

Throughout this phase we communicate in ways that help you make the right decisions based upon clear and solid advice.


  • 4/6

Our collaborative way of working extends to the plans we produce –

giving you complete confidence. We create detailed drawings, specifications and documentation to ensure the agreed design concept is implemented / realised.


  • 5/6

Our focused approach to project delivery includes procurement, resource mobilisation, effective management of all activities on site and co-ordination with the landlord’s team.

You will be able to relocate to your fully operational workplace with the minimum of fuss and downtime.


  • 6/6

Your project may be complete and your space operational, but we are still available for continued advice and support.

Our ongoing relationship with clients means we’re on-hand to help as and when you need it – for both one-off changes and future projects.

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